Swedish Massage
​60 min - $70 / 90 min - $100

The most well known type of massage. Long flowing strokes help to increase circulation, loosen sore muscles, release tension and stimulate the rest and digest portion of your nervous system.  This is the massage that puts you to sleep ...more

Pre-Natal Massage
​60 min - $70-80 / 90 min - $100

Pregnancy massage focuses on reducing pain in your back, hips and joints and helps to relieve swollen ankles, carpal tunnel syndrome and shortness of breath; ailments common when you're carrying the steadily increasing weight of the world in the middle of your body. ...more

Hot Stone Massage
60 min - $80 / 90 min - $110

The use of heated basalt stones help to increase circulation, reduce muscle aches and pains, allow for deeper work, and optimize healing within the body.  

Deep Tissue Massage
60 min - $70 / 90 min - $100

This is the massage you want if you've got those knots you just can't get to.  Deeper techniques including friction, myofascial work and trigger point therapy break up adhesions and reduce pain.  You're going to have to take deep breaths.  This massage hurts so good. 


Pre & Post Event Sports Massage
​60 min - $70 / 90 min - $100

For the athlete--pro, semi-pro or weekend.  Pre-event sports massage focuses on conditioning to get you limber and loose for the main event while post event focuses on helping your body recover from the albeit fun abuse you've just inflicted upon yourself. ...more


Gift Cards and Packages 


Single session Gift Cards available for purchase... more