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I am a licensed massage and bodywork therapist, a graduate of the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy, a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and a Professional Birth Doula. I am also a Registered Nurse, having earned my ADN from Carolinas College of Health Sciences.  I have been a massage therapist for seventeen years and have been certified in prenatal massage therapy for fifteen years.  I've worked in settings that range from a mobile health center in the Caribbean island of Grenada to the exclusive Gansevoort Hotel in NYC.  I've also worked in fitness centers, multi-disciplinary medical offices and specialty locations like Edamame Spa.  I bring all of these experiences with me to Tulia Massage.  

After experiencing the healing power of touch and the restorative effect of exercise and deep breathing in an acting class, I sought to learn more about massage therapy.  The complementary relationship between performance, creativity and bodywork became apparent to me very quickly.  Not long after graduating from New York University Tisch School of the Arts, I enrolled at the Swedish Institute.  While continuing to act and write, I fell even more in love with massage.  My desire to promote a healthy way of living led me to prenatal massage therapy and eventually to becoming a DONA trained birth doula.  I've assisted several births and worked with women throughout their pregnancy and am constantly in awe of the human body.  


I believe that our bodies are naturally designed to heal themselves and that my job as your massage therapist is to help facilitate that healing.  I also believe that our bodies heal best when in a state of relaxation.  It is when our bodies are at rest that we rejuvenate and are able to rely on our natural healing process. To that end,  I aim to get each one of my clients to become more aware of their bodies.  More centered. More grounded.  More knowledgable about what they need and how to take care of themselves.  I use a combination of modalities including swedish massage, deep tissue massage, shiatsu, stretching, acupressure, PNF techniques, hot stones, aromatherapy, cupping, and breath work to reach this goal.  I also take the time to talk with you and give you tips on things you can do at home to help correct postural imbalances, increase flexibility, decrease pain and just generally feel good.



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