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Massage Is Not a Luxury

You know that feeling you get when your ears pop after you've been on a plane? It can be hard to describe. Before the pop, you can still hear, your ear still works, but the pressure makes it feel not quite right. And then you chew some gum or hold your nose and blow and your ears go “pop!” You are reminded of what it feels like when things are functioning properly again. You hear better. Your ear works better. You are at ease. A massage can often feel like that.

Human beings are blessed with an amazing ability to adapt to any given situation. Too often we walk around with the full body version of that ear pressure just wreaking havoc on our bodies. We're not standing up straight, we're hunched over, we can't turn our heads from side to side. But unlike the ear pressure, we adapt to the situation. We normalize tension in our bodies. And it isn't until that tension– that built up pressure– is released, are we able to appreciate how off everything was before. We get the massage because we don't feel quite right. Then we understand how far we've moved away from being at ease. 

It's like entering a whole new world when you realize you can now turn your head from side to side in your car to look at traffic as opposed to turning your whole body. Think about how much energy you expend moving your whole body. Think about how tired that makes you. Massage helps you conserve some of that energy.. And to be able to take a deep breath in after you've had the muscles in between your ribs worked on. That's invaluable. Breathing is, mildly put, essential. It's not a luxury, it's a necessity. As is massage. That “pop” that comes after a good massage, that release of pressure, gets you functioning properly again. And I don't know about you, but I think you deserve to function at your best.

So get a massage and continue to take good care of yourself.



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