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Sports Massage


Pre and Post event sports massage can be performed with you clothed or not.  Traditionally, on-site (at the event) sports massage is performed with the client clothed and wearing things that allow movement and stretching.  At Tulia Massage, you have the choice to go the traditional route or to combine a Sports Massage with a Swedish Massage and disrobe to your level of comfort.  Minimal oil (grapeseed or coconut) is used.  Bio-freeze is also utilized to help muscles recover from exertion and reduce pain.


Pre Event Sports Massage


An important aspect of conditioning for any event involves pushing the muscles to their limit. An equally important aspect includes allowing for recovery.  Massage helps stimulate cell regeneration which allows muscles to rebuild after they have been exerted.  Exertion, stretching and massage therapy improves the health of the muscles and sets them up for a better overall performance.


Sports massage also helps to increase flexibility through the use of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretches. PNF techniques involve the use of agonist and isometric stretching to help lengthen muscles and increase range of motion. These techniques require client involvement so while they can be relaxing, it would be very difficult to take a nap during a pre-event sports massage.


This would also be the time to employ deep tissue techniques such as myofascial release and trigger point therapy and stimulating techniques such as jostling and tapotement (tapping).


Post Event Sports Massage


Recovery is even more important after an event.  The focus in a post event sports massage is more on cooling down the muscles after they have been exerted.  Compression, stretching and distraction are utilized. While deep tissue and PNF techniques are still employed, the aim is less on stimulating and more on increasing circulation to help relieve soreness.  Bio-freeze, a pain relieving gel that's made mostly of menthol, is utilized to aid in recovery and rehabilitation.


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