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Tulia Tips: Pumpkins!

I know, pumpkins are all over the place during this time of year, but did you know that they're really good for your health? They're a fruit, technically, but nutritionally they act like vegetables. They're nutrient dense which means they're low in calories but high in the good stuff, including fiber. They're also proven to help improve eyesight (beta carotene), boost immunity (Vitamins A, C, E and iron& folate) and can lower the risk of cancer (those good ole' antioxidants). There's also a ton of potassium that helps reduce your risk of stroke! Pumpkins are good for you. Not the ones in lattes though, those are filled with sugar. Keep in mind though that pumpkins are also a diuretic (makes you pee). If you're taking lithium, you may want to limit your pumpkin intake. It can cause you to have too much lithium in your body.


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