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Can We Talk?

Is it okay to talk to your therapist during a massage? Is it rude to fall asleep? What about music? What if you don't like the music being played? Is it acceptable to ask the therapist to change it? I've had several people apologize for not being chatty, and still some apologize for not staying awake. But my answer to all these questions is it's all okay.

I fully believe you need to do whatever works for you. If you need to speak during a massage in order to relax, then speak. Sometimes speaking helps to deal with anxiety or discomfort. And allowing for space to speak out, even if it's not about your problems, puts you in a better position to experience the benefits of your massage. There is sometimes a palpable difference in the muscle after someone--whose body was unyielding with tension--simply speaks.

Likewise, music is so very particular. Some people cannot relax with "typical spa music." Sometimes you just want to hear your favorite song. I have had clients bring in things to listen to from jazz compositions to podcasts. I welcome you making the session your own. Because it's a better massage when you are allowed to feel comfortable. Even if that involves you singing along to the music. Do what works for you. Your massage room is a safe space. And while it may work to tell one person to take a deep breath to relax, another person may just need to laugh.

And no, it is not rude to fall asleep during a massage. It is the greatest compliment.

As always, take good care of yourself...silently or otherwise.



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